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David Johnson
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David Johnson I love Homer's mix of emotional and comical! There are moments that rip you open, and then come the laughs! Very enjoyable - I highly recommend it! Favorite track: We're Wild.
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released August 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Homer Marrs and the Excellent Adventure Chicago, Illinois

Homer Marrs & The Excellent Adventure is an indie rock act that gets compared to They Might Be Giants but sounds more like David Sedaris tickle-fighting R.E.M. Their sound is catchy pop/rock with seriocomic lyrics.

"Fun Size” is a 5-song snack that's been called “expressive, relatable and overtly witty” (Anthem Review) and “grunge meets They Might Be Giants and Weezer” (Here Comes the Flood).
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Track Name: It's Amazing
This is me on my blog (it's amazing)
This is me on my phone (it's amazing)
This is me with my dog (it's amazing)
And his fierce rubber bone (it's amazing)

This is me giving face (it's amazing)
This is me being real (it's amazing)
This is me and that douche (it's amazing)
Trying to cop a feel (it's amazing)

’Cause when you’re this amazing everybody wants a piece
Oh when you're this amazing all the boys fall to their knees
And it’s so entertaining just to watch them beg and plead
Oh when you’re this amazing every hot mess wants a piece

I don’t worry about my life
I don’t give up without a fight
I don’t give up without a fight
I don’t worry about my life

This is me at my job (work amazing)
This is me at the mall (shop amazing)
This is me in a wig (hair amazing)
Looking adorable (cute amazing)

This is me getting high (pot amazing)
This is me getting stoned (so amazing)
This is me putting out (sex amazing)
This is me all alone (sad amazing)
Track Name: Candy & Demonology
Get your, get your party on
Face your, face your demons
Tell your demons to party with us tonight

Be your, be your other self
Raise your, raise your glass and Hell
Tell your demons we’re staying out late tonight

Are you deceiving me
Is your truth mine to see

I like your secret energy
Candy and demonology
Your smile conceals a mystery
Candy and demonology
You tell me one and one is three
Candy and demonology
My heart’s afire in anarchy
Candy and demonology

See me, your words make me appear
Hear me, I whisper in your ear
Kiss me, I wanna know I’m alive tonight

In a recurring dream
You tie me down I'm free

I like your secret energy
Candy and demonology
Too sweet to be so deadly
Candy and demonology
Your smile conceals a mystery
Candy and demonology
I give and you take all of me

Go on take everything
I want you, take everything
Go on take everything
I dare you to take everything

I like your secret energy
Candy and demonology
Track Name: Destroy You Whole
Every time you call me up
You say, “Hey, do you wanna f***?”
And after I say yes you let me talk to you

Every time we share a bed
You conquer worlds inside my head
And every time you leave it makes it hard for me

I wish I were strong enough
To detach like you
I wish I were strong enough
Not to feel it too
I wish I could curl
Like an awful leaf and die

Every time I carve your name
Into my arm I feel the pain
Of weeks of waiting for the f****** phone to ring

Every way you look at it
The situation’s piss and s***
And every time I tell myself I’m over it

I get distracted
By the thought of your voice
I get distracted
By the image of boys who share your shape
And touch and feel and taste
But not your face

I await the blessed day
I can’t recall your stupid name
I know it’s coming fast
'Cause I’ve been good

I don’t need to let you know
The pain you left in letting go
I promised not to hurt you
Though I should

I wish I were strong enough
To hold myself back
I wish I could stop myself
From the coming attack on your heart
And body, mind and soul

Destroy you whole
Track Name: Smile, You Have Depression
The human brain’s a complex organ
Sensitive to chemical amounts
Inside your blood, the neurotransmitters
Are fluttering about
Low serotonin, epinephrine, and dopamine as well
You can’t believe it, can’t defeat it
When your mind is stuck in Hell

God is not there

But if you’re down with science
There’s a few things you can take
To make that frown turn upside down
And blow those suicidal thoughts away
The only cost is lust, you just
Adjust to that, my friend, nothing is free
It’s just your sex drive, just your sex drive
And here is what that means

No woman, no cry
But you will

Smile, smile, smile
When you let the drugs take over
Smile, smile, smile
They work better if you’re sober
Smile, smile, smile
Now pay close attention
Smile, my friend, you have depression

Whaddya say when everything in life
Is goin’ your way, you have no right
To make complaints, but all you do is whine
All night and day
When you were young somebody hurt you
And you never fully healed
It was so long ago, but every time you
Close your eyes you feel

That pain is still real
Why don’t you

Smile, smile, smile
Your body will think it’s happy
Smile, smile, smile
However much it seems sappy
Smile, smile, smile
To Hell with convention
Smile ’cause you have depression

Wellbutrin, Lexapro, Prozac,
Celexa, Zoloft, Depacote,
Effexor, and St. John’s Wort

Life is a cocktail party
Live as though you mean it
But you gotta leave your libido
At the door

Smile, smile, smile
’Cause everyone cool has got it
Smile, smile, smile
Like Brooke Shields and Ann-Margret
Smile, smile, smile
If I didn’t mention
Smile, we all have depression

La la la la la la la....

Time’s up for your session
Smile, you have depression